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Arriving Soon


Model: Rustic (Model Humans Book 3)

by Nix Whittaker on 2019-07-27

Model humans are divided. Some are wary of the possibility of humans from earth arriving while others are on a war footing. When a scout from earth arrives Crescent is forced to choose a side. Putting her family at risk and everything she has ever cared for.

Levi had been told the new planet he was scouting was empty of human life. Thrown into the middle of a political war he has to rely on a stranger.

Model: Scribe (Model Humans Book 2)

by Nix Whittaker on 2019-03-23

Is death his only escape?

Kynaston is the prisoner of the Scribes. Forgotten, he is on the edge of taking the ultimate escape.

Sorcha is the apple of her daddy's eye. Including walking in his footsteps of watching the stars. But he wouldn't be pleased with her choice when she discovers something in the telescope that could change everything.

Model: Serenity (Model Humans Book 1)

by Nix Whittaker on 2018-09-01

K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes baby ... wait that isn't right. But that is how Aaru has planned it, have a baby even if she can't find the right guy. On a planet where everyone is in a rigid caste system determined by their genetics, Aaru is part of an outcast model of human called Serenities. They had a tendency to go mad so Aaru wants children before that dreaded day appears. She never expected to meet the donor. Unfortunately, her plans change when the Scribe government comes for her and her baby. She would have been taken if the baby daddy hadn't arrived on her doorstep.

Kaidan is a Warrior and protecting people is part of his DNA. The stakes are just higher because Aaru is carrying his child. But to face the power of the Scribe government means he has to give up everything to follow his heart.