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Kiss of the Blue and Red: Book 2 (Clash of Two Worlds)

by Norman Baltson on 2018-07-29

A drone delivers a frozen body to Norgan's mansion where Helga is.

Then, they learn that within 24 hours the hydrogen bombs will devastate the world's largest cities and the holiest sites. The weapons are interconnected via the internet and are irreversible without the encryption key.

The CIA agent, who oversees this global nuclear threat, claims that Helga has stolen Norgan’s password and generated the key. So the agent wants Norgan to detain Helga, but Norgan refuses because he doesn’t think she is involved in the nuclear mayhem.

Suddenly, a mysterious blackout occurs, cutting off Norgan’s communication with the agent, leaving his mansion with no phone, no internet, no TV or radio.

Now the situation is even worse, and massive US military forces are heading to the Smoky Mountains to get him and Helga.

While the clock for the bombs is ticking, the conflict is escalating. The situation is becoming deadlier, and lives are in danger. But the solution to the world’s catastrophe seems impossible to find.