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The God Field

by Norman Kinch on 2018-03-02

The novel centers around the discovery of the mysterious `God Field` by a brilliant theoretical physicist, Peter Fellows. His revolutionary theory indicates that the entire Universe is created by this Field, which is everywhere and in everything. However, the implied divine nature of the God Field conflicts with Peter`s atheistic views. The anxiety this causes him, along with the strange visions he has experienced since his discovery, results in him suffering a nervous breakdown.

Peter retreats to a secluded cottage in rural Dorset to recover. Whilst there, he meets Alice, the cottage cleaner. She, like him, is emotionally damaged and acutely introverted. The two lost souls gradually draw closer to one another over the following weeks and months. However, when Alice discovers that he has uncovered a terrible secret about her childhood, she feels deeply betrayed and breaks off all contact with him. Peter then leaves for Cardiff to resolve his own childhood trauma. He hopes that this will finally free him from his mental angst. However, after several disturbing events in the city where he grew up, he fails to find a resolution.

Feeling utterly desolate, he tries to kill himself but is saved by Petra, one of Gods `Beautiful Collectors.` She takes him to meet God, who is overseeing the inception of a new universe. God who is a warm, eccentric figure, helps Peter to come to terms with his inner wounds and to understand his true destiny.

When Peter is taken back to Earth, he returns to Dorset and manages to receive Kathy`s forgiveness. They renew their friendship. This eventually leads to an innocent, touching, old fashioned courtship as the two hapless individuals try to connect with one another on a romantic level.

It is only after he has finally let go of his inner wounds and has grown to love Alice that the God Field`s ultimate mystery is finally revealed to him.