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VALOR: An Alien Romance (Unconquered Stars Book 1)

by Odyssey Rose on 2018-09-18

Her strength is my salvation.

Caught in the crosshairs of an intergalactic power struggle, Valerie Sabiti ekes out a fragile existence alongside her adopted son, Aibek. That’s until she unknowingly rescues the warlord Prince Verian, heir to the ruling Darfaanq Clan of Nïm. A renegade with a dark past, Verian planned to finish the conquest of Earth in order to win the favor of Nïm’s ruling class. Little did he know, in a distant galaxy, he’d find his fated mate. He’s determined to protect his newfound family. She’s willing to give her life to save her planet. Together, Verian and Valerie will risk it all.

VALOR (Unconquered Stars, #1) is a 50,000-word erotic romance novel featuring interstellar soulmates, a blended family, and an HFN (happy for now) ending that can be read as a standalone novel in the series.

Only $0.99 for the pre-order period! The price rises to $2.99 upon release.