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Alexandria: A Return to the Present (The Cavern of the Rising Moon Book 2)

by Ollie Frank on 2017-12-06

Alexandria is young, in her 30's, to her advantage she has another two centuries remaining, for those who live within the Dome can expect a life equal to that of a Quarter Mellinnia, 250 years. Her DNA reaches back to 16th Century North Africa, where her Grandmother's Great Grandmother, several times removed, lived. So, as her father, Danyiel, would remind her she had a unique heritage.
Her secret, a secret she shared with no one; she longed for love, someone with whom she could share all her secrets, a friend like Simon, perhaps, but human. She believed those innocent secrets, combined with her husband's stories, would bind their hearts together and their interwoven lives would go on forever. However, as she grew older she often questioned the reality of that dream.
Having Surfaced, she discovered an entirely new world in which to live. At the same time, events within the Dominion, her homeland, a vast nation circling the globe within the caverns of the Earth and unknown to the Surface, added to the complexity of her life. As she and her brother, Alexander discovered, the dominion was not this boundless land of adventure in which they could live out their lives in freedom and bliss.
There were responsibilities. Life required participation beyond their joy of living. Those who stepped forward would find a different kind of adventure, sometimes dangerous. The Dome was losing its way. Unknown, except to a handful, Alexandria, and her brother found the nation of their father and his father's fathers falling into the hands of one who would twist it inside out for his benefit barring everyone else, relegating the population to that of Servant.
The Chamaeleon was no prophet. He was the Prophesy! His true nature manifested as Charlatan, Contraband, Counter-revolutionary, and Counterfeiter! His desires were for himself alone. Little, if anything at all, registered in his mind in regards to compassion. Computer generated, he could be cold, electrifyingly ice cold. A human living without a soul would be impossible. In the end, he believed he would gain the whole world; and the soul at best would be damned.
Little, did he care!
The story continues as Alexandria and her friends come together to combat a force from far beyond the stars that hover over the Earth's surface.