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Open Secrets (Holographic Love Song Book 1)

by Owen Knightley on 2017-11-27

“For me,” Alessandra whispers, “sharing secrets is like sex between two brains…”

Alessandra Torres is hiding a secret…

In a world of near-total surveillance, where virtually all information, public or private, is recorded and posted to the omnipresent Feed, where thoughts and actions are used to determine a citizen’s Social Credit Score, Alessandra has nursed a secret affection for her therapist, Dr. Isaac Austin, for years—and it's burning her from the inside out.

But when she reveals to Isaac just how deep, and thorough, her desires run, she realizes she’s not the only one cultivating hidden passions—realizes Isaac is just as intent on satisfying their curiosity, on tasting the fruits of their delayed pleasure, as she is.

That is, if they’re allowed to.

Now, with the open secret of their attraction exposed, they’ll have to navigate numerous dangers—from the interference of Alessandra's wicked aunt and uncle, to the omnipresent surveillance of the Feed, to the past wounds of their hearts as Isaac and Alessandra learn to trust and love once more.

Only little do they realize these problems are just the beginning…and that their erotic game is only the first part of an adventure so grand it encompasses the fate of the universe itself.

Will Isaac and Alessandra’s love overcome society and circumstance to find its true expression at last? Or will they become victims of the very desires driving them like a bullet train?

If you crave deep connection and unforgettable sexual chemistry, then slip into Open Secrets, first book in the Holographic Love Song series, from new indie author Owen Knightley.