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Arriving Soon


The Missing Link

by P. J. Fowler on 2017-07-31

Sam has just opened a Christmas Shop with Jennie. It was a life long dream for both of them. Sam has a son Thomas who meets an intriguing girl named Lucinda in the park. Lucinda tells Thomas she has come just for him. He doesn't understand what she means, but he is quite taken with her. It is not long before both of them have feelings for each other.. Lucinda has a purpose which involves Thomas. He was working on a research project till his funding was cut.. Lucinda realizes that time is running out for both of them. Can Lucinda beat the clock?

I have based the characters on my family except for Lucinda. I saw my son in a dream looking at girl with bangs that covered her forehead. She had a dog with her who came over to my son. That is how they met in my dream. My husband told me to write about something that I know. I know my family. It was great writing the book since my kids were away at college it was like visiting them daily. I enjoyed writing the book. I hope you will too!