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Arriving Soon


The Fallen Witch

by P. R. Potter on 2018-08-21

Born with special powers, Cathe Levii uses her abilities to help those less fortunate than herself. When the knowing warns her that her best friend is in danger, Cathe doesn’t even think about the consequences of her actions, she rushes off to save her. Unable to stop her friend from being kidnapped by the mythical Warriors of the White and offered as a Prize in their Mating Competitions, Cathe demands that the warriors take her captive as well, never expecting that she would seal her fate with an impulsive kiss.

Nyx Chase isn’t interested in mating or winning one of the females abducted from Haides for his own. Unprepared for Cathe and the effect she has on the possessive berserker spirit inside of him, he is unable to leave her behind after one passionate kiss. Now, as they travel through the White Desert to the Hidden City, Nyx can’t seem to stop obsessing over the bookish female as his berserker-half drives him crazy with the need to claim her as his mate. Nyx has to decide if he’s going to give up his much-loved freedom, or the woman his berserker spirit has already decided is their own.