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The Fallen Seductress: The Fallen: Book Two

by P. R. Potter on 2019-01-13


Temptress and tyrant, La’Rue Mesach is known as Haides most infamous seductress. Tales of her sexual escapades run rampant through the city, earning her the interest of every male she encounters and the antipathy of every female. However, the truth about Rue’s romantic history is even more shocking than the scandalous rumors. Haides’s most infamous seductress . . . is a still a virgin.

Rue uses her promiscuous reputation to lure the most depraved males of Haides’s society into meeting her alone so she can compel them into revealing their secrets. As the seductress for the Fallen, she uses the information she gathers to locate and save women trapped in dangerous circumstances throughout the city. Saving others is her mission in life, her passion, and she will allow nothing to get in her way, not even her new bodyguard, no matter how much she might want him.


Tired of watching the female that his instincts scream is his mate attempt to seduce every lowlife in Haides, Xacharyaz Arevalo is putting his foot down. If Rue Mesach wants a male in her bed, the only male she’s going to have is him. Descended from a line of warriors enhanced with the genetics of wolves, he knows with one sniff that the stubborn female is his, but the auburn-haired beauty is not a woman that will willingly submit to a male’s claim. With her fiery temper and headstrong determination, Xacharyaz has his hands full keeping her in line.

When the Warriors of the White invade Haides and kidnap Rue to offer her as a prize in their mating competition, Xacharyaz is desperate to save her. Even if it means abandoning his duty to track her through the White Desert and fighting in the mating competition himself, he refuses to give up his mate. Rue Mesach is his, and once he gets his hands on her again, nothing will stop him from claiming her as his own.