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The Evil Inventor Scores the Virgin Villain: A Villain and Virgin SciFi Romance

by P.F. Ward on 2017-08-28

It's the swinging sixties and London, England teems with treacherous criminals. Doomed to a life of crime just to survive, petty thief Veronica Vixen aspires to become queen of the underworld. To battle her way up the hierarchy, she'll need gadgets and weapons of groovy proportions. Yet finding the perfect inventor is easier said than done in a world where female villains are second-class citizens.

Alan Hayes is a brilliant inventor with a flair for far out devices, but he can't find anyone who appreciates his unique talent. After his wealthy parents kick him out, he seeks refuge in London's notorious underworld, only to find himself in a world of danger.

Veronica never realized how lonely she'd been until Alan enters her life. Though he seems too good to be true, his inventions are exactly what she needs. He's also incredibly hot, a fact her body isn't letting her forget. But past experiences taught her that trusting people—especially the wrong people—only leads to heartbreak. She's a ripe, untasted fruit for exactly that reason. If Veronica partners with Alan, will she be able to resist the temptation of surrendering to his deviously seductive charms?

Content alert: This story stars two sexy, adorable villains who dress fabulously and misbehave like there's no tomorrow. Readers who prefer heroic characters in their romances might want to steer clear, but those who gravitate towards villains in general will likely find much to enjoy here. HEA guaranteed!

Mated to the Alien Mutant

by P.F. Ward on 2017-06-30

With the authorities in hot pursuit, the notorious thief Ruby Wolfe races away from the scene of her latest heist—only to find her getaway short lived when a malfunction forces her starship far off course. After seeking refuge on a remote space station, she makes a shocking discovery: a scientist lives there alone under mysterious circumstances.

With her ship permanently disabled and no other means of escape, Ruby is trapped. She soon faces another danger—her growing attraction to Alex. He's smart, geeky, and irresistibly cute. Hooking up with him for a wild night of passion shouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that his job involves studying a top-secret group of newly discovered aliens—including one who had physically attacked him.

That revelation alone should have been enough to dissuade her. But her body had other ideas….