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Vegas Omega: An Mpreg Romance

by Parker Easton on 2018-10-09

Wracked with grief after the death of his best friend Pete, omega Jeff is on the run, an escapee from his top-secret community, and, after a wrenching trek through the desert, he lands in Las Vegas.

Alpha widower Beck, one of the first children born when the community began in the wake of a gene-altering accident, is on a mission to bring Jeff home. With his superior sense of smell, he’s the best tracker available, and, still grieving the death of his son Pete, he vows to prevent the demise of another young omega.

It only took a few short months for Jeff to settle comfortably into the Vegas life, and he thinks that all he needs to do is guard the secret of his omega fertility. It’s an easy task until he catches the scent of an alpha, and his body betrays him, launching him into his regular cycle of heat a week early.

Struggling to escape both the staggering impact on his anatomy and the magnetic pull of the nearby alpha, Jeff comes face to face with Beck. They both realize there is more than animal lust to their attraction. They also realize they can’t go home again. With help from a friend who knows more than either expected, they fight to leave behind both the tyranny of their community’s captors and the prying curiosity of the outside world as they discover their fated bond of love.

Vegas Omega is a 45,000-word omegaverse mpreg gay romance. It includes May-December and forbidden love themes. There are steamy scenes with a guaranteed happy ending.