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Arriving Soon



by Patricia Green on 2018-08-04

Be careful – your dreams could come true…

If you could travel anywhere in time and do anything you wanted, where would you go?

In the twenty-second century, a new type of fantasy is available. Romantek’s exclusive RAVE vacations allow the rich, famous and lucky to enjoy dream-generated reality adventures which promise to heal your body while making your heart pound. And often, the happily ever after extends beyond the actual dream.

In The Winner, Audrey travels to the Old West where she meets a handsome, no-nonsense Native American…

In Charlotte and the Pirate, Charlotte is taken in hand by a stern captain who just happens to be a hero undercover…

In Eddie My Love, Willow discovers that the handsome, hard-talking old-fashioned detective might just be her perfect match in real life…

And in My Vacation in Rio, Amber falls in love with the very man she was assigned to protect.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi fantasy romance series includes four full-length books in which feisty heroines travel back in time to find their happily ever afters with alpha heroes. It contains elements of action and adventure, suspense, mystery, and domestic discipline.