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Raksha: Dragons of Kynthia (A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance Book 2)

by Patricia Jones on 2017-07-08

1300 years ago, a White Dragon Prince sacrificed himself on the blade of Raksha, the Blue Dragon Warrior, so that Raksha could turn into a weredragon and destroy a formidable enemy. But that gamble didn’t turn out well; Planet Rakshasa was born in which the weredragon caused havoc and killed each and every one daring to land there.
Skye, a curvy female from Earth, is kidnapped by green, ugly aliens, but their ship crash-lands on the planet Rakshasa. With one touch, Skye frees Raksha from the 1300-year-old curse of the weredragon form and brings his real self back.
Now Raksha has two choices. Either he can claim his mate, Skye, and endanger all the Earth’s humans by turning it into another Planet Rakshasa, or he can go back to his planet and live another eternity of mindless slaughter, to let his mate live a normal life.
Join me in this epic tale of romance and fights, from Planet Rakshasa to Planet Earth. Your favorite characters, Ryzen, Avery, and Katie will join you along this journey.

**Mature Content Warning**