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Beware Of Redemption

by Patrick K. Jaynes PhD on 2018-08-09

In Beware of Memories readers learned there are intelligent civilizations in the galaxy and one of them is attempting to make peaceful contact with a warlike species – mankind. In this continuation we navigate murder, deceit, political intrigue and personal tragedy to arrive at first contact. Can the promise of wondrous advances for humans, be reconciled with crimes against humanity? Difficult choices are made, while one is forced to answer the question: ‘What would you do?'

As the choices are made and second-guessed, Beware of Redemption introduces a much higher level to this three-dimensional chess match. Intricate plans rarely survive contact with reality, and in this case the players don't even understand the game.

As I was reading Beware of Redemption I soon realized this is an example of Science Fiction done right. There is just the right amount of alien tech, just the right touch of suspense, and just the right number of errors in judgment on both sides of the universe. The Beware series (this is book 2) is the new standard by which I will apply all of my future readings. Patrick Jaynes and Darlien C. Breeze have quickly become my favorite Science Fiction authors. Keep your eye on them. They promise more surprises in store in their next book.

Mae Argilan

Editor, Author “Girl Meets Bayou” Double Dragon Books

Sci-fi fans who appreciate elements of romance, political action, and investigative intrigue woven into their storylines will appreciate the many paths Beware of Redemption takes in the course of presenting a thought-provoking story of a president's connections with alien special interests.

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Beware Of Memories

by Patrick K. Jaynes PhD on 2018-02-25

A mix of mystery science fiction international intrigue with a touch of romance Beware of Memories leaves the reader wanting for nothing except the next book in the series.