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Arriving Soon


A Place In Your Own Head

by Paul Timburgh on 2017-09-04

Sebastian only wanted to get to work on time on that fateful April Morning. His train commute to Birmingham had been pretty uneventful when a split second decision and a chance encounter sent him on a mind-bending and mind-altering adventure through an ever accommodating space-time continuum.
There is science and there is fantasy in the tale of Sebastian, our mild-mannered hero, but there are also sizzling erotic encounters and witty verbal sparks between a cast of historical characters both real and imagined.
From a post-apocalyptic, sterile, fully digital and entirely virtual 31st Century to the exquisite manors of Regency England, from the Palaeozoic Era to the Coffee Houses of 1700 London and the literary salons of Georgian England -nothing is what it seems in this joyful and fast-paced romp through a history you thought you knew!