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Arriving Soon


A Dreamer's Knight

by Pavel Olari on 2018-09-30

After twenty years of averting planetary disasters in the mainstream and fighting nightmares in the dream realm, the Dreamer known as Narrator Number One slips off to the distant world of Vinta for a well-earned vacation. When a knight from post-apocalyptic Earth falls out of the sky, One decides to delay his vacation long enough to lend a hand. This small task turns out to be far from simple, however; in his attempts to help the wayward knight, One finds himself face-to-face with metal dragons, sinister monks, kidnapped royalty, old girlfriends, massive war machines, and more Dreamers than he could shake his Anti-ka Maru at. Still, he’s more than prepared to bend the fabric of dreams and reality to help his new friend. After all, it’s just one little assignment … right?