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Seducing a Shy Guy (City of Goddesses)

by Paxton DeFleur on 2018-02-07

**This is a short erotica story told in 8,700 words**

If you're into:

1) Forbidden sex in a secret place with the risk of getting caught,
2) A fantasy/sci-fi setting in a school focused on alchemy,
3) Quiet, nerdy, sexy guys,

Then this story is for you!

When Roz was ten years old, the terrifying Omega Behemoth rose out of the bowels of the wasteland and hunted her down. However, she was saved by the dashing young prodigy alchemist, Simon. When she saw him at the top of the city gates casting his infamous blood lightning to protect her, she became obsessed.

Since then, Roz has been training hard to become an alchemist herself, not only for the status, but to get closer to Simon. However, once she's admitted as a candidate for the Alchemist's Guild, she discovers that Simon is extremely shy and studious. It seems impossible to get close to him.

Everything changes when she finds an excerpt from the notorious Seductress' Rulebook left on her bed, entitled Seducing a Shy Guy. She devours the instructions, the keys to the heart of a shy man, and follows them to a T. Much to her delight, the techniques from the book work, and before long Roz and Simon find themselves in a secretive, steamy situation.

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