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The Mega Futanari Sci-fi Collection (Pearls Anthologies Book 5)

by Pearl N. Lace on 2019-07-19

It does not get any bigger than this. No, seriously. All of my Futanari science fiction stories in one massive collection. The saga of Futanarious, Queen Kiki, the crew of the Lustful Intentions, and the futanari space pirates, and the mysterious Jeeny Ma, who controls the entire galaxy from her dim sum restaurant.

Let’s not forget a mysterious key made from blue ruby with a gold and silver inlay. What mysteries does this key hold and what does it mean for the galaxy? Just why is this key so valuable and why would anyone in their right mind steal three sacks of gold from Jeeny Ma?

Then there is the unfinished story of a futanari backpacker who hitches rides from star system to star system searching for cool concerts, festivals, and an all around good time.

There are over one hundred and ten thousand words written in this saga so far with many more to come as the lives of everyone revolve around this mysterious key.