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BRAHN: A Sci-Fi Romance (Fate of the Endari Book 2)

by Penny Sloan on 2018-09-05

My sister had married an alien.

I was jealous. I admit it. It seemed exotic and exciting. The most excitement I’d ever had was the time I rode the giant ferris wheel at the county fair and fainted at the top.

So naturally when she invited me to visit her on board the alien ship, I was stoked!

But I never expected that visit would lead to so much more. Danger. Fear. Panic. And, much to my surprise, love.

Jax: A Sci-Fi Romance (Fate of the Endari Book 1)

by Penny Sloan on 2018-08-18

An entire world was lost, destroyed by the bloodlust of a race called the Gua’trau. The only hope for their people rested in the hands of the twelve Lords and their Queen mothers who fled the planet just before its destruction. The twelve ships separated in hope of finding a genetically compatible species with which to mate.

After three years of searching the universe, one Lord has found the people of Earth. His mother, the Queen, brokered a deal with the American President for one genetically sound virgin for her son.

Quinn Fallon is afraid she’s received a death sentence. After all, now one knows if these Endarians are civil or what they plan to do with her. But once she learns of their plight, and meets the exceedingly handsome Jax who plans to make her his mate, she’s all too eager to help!

Jax must contact the rest of his people to give them the location of Earth and bring them there to find mates before it’s too late.

Can they save the Endari race from extinction in time?

Space Man: A Sci-Fi Romance

by Penny Sloan on 2018-08-18

Some people dream of being rich or famous. I dreamed of meeting aliens.

You know that little thing where people say, “Be careful what you wish for?” Yeah. SO TRUE.

Let me tell you, being kidnapped by aliens is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when the one who kidnaps you happens to be the most infuriating individual you’ve ever met in your life! 

Okay, so he was sexy as hell, and every part of me wanted to tear my clothes off and jump his big, alien bones. But then I found out he kidnapped me for some crazy alien repopulation program, and I was freaked out!

Things got complicated. Then they got crazy. Then they got downright freaking INSANE!

But it all worked out in the end. Falling for some alien who kidnapped me and turned me over to his colony’s screwed up program was the last thing I ever expected, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.