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The Keepers: Naja

by Pepper North on 2018-11-15

When studying the stars, don't be surprised what may appear!

Dreaming of attending grad school in the future, Erin Rivers escapes an awful call center job by studying the stars as often as possible. Captured and transported on a one-way journey to the planet, Nrantia, Erin discovers that her new life will be vastly different. Assigned a Keeper to ensure her health and happiness, Erin becomes Naja. Unable to protect and care for herself on Nrantia, Naja will find that her new life will offer her great happiness and love if she can overcome her embarrassment and avoid being disciplined.

Naja's story is the third of The Keepers series of sci-fi age play romances. You will not need to read the stories in order. All are complete stories. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments, including thorough examinations and enemas, when required, as well as diaper changes, spankings, and other punishments. If you are offended by age play (adults who choose to live as a Little or a parent of a Little) or dubious consent, this is not the book for you.