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Arriving Soon



by PETER KENNEDY on 2018-03-05

CATAPULT IN TIME is a literary novel that explores the possibility of time travel and also examines the complex nature of reality and how we perceive the world, especially how we know what is real and what is imaginary. The main protagonist Dr Simon Graylings, a successful physician and scientist, finds himself inexplicably and suddenly catapulted from his comfortable life in 2017 to the previous time of 1925 following a visit to his eminent physicist friend who runs a top-secret government funded research facility. Finding himself transported to a semi-familiar seaside town in the English county of East Sussex he is taken under the wing of a distinguished and very well-connected family doctor called Dr George Stone who appears to know a great deal about Simon and the reasons for his sudden and strange appearance.

Adjusting to his new reality Simon joins his wise mentor's medical practice and tries unsuccessfully to use his advanced scientific and historical knowledge in his attempts to influence future medical advances. In so doing he manages to meet some of the leading individuals of the time as well as some less attractive characters. Along the way he also finds himself falling in love with an inmate of a large mental asylum and then has to confront several personal disasters that appear to have harsh realities as their cause. But his lingering doubts about what and who is real continue. While the final denouement appears to resolve at least some of his uncertainties, the events that follow only show that nothing in this world is certain.