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Redeeming The Plumb

by Peter Prellwitz on 2018-03-02

Business is booming on Mars. From mining to education, Mars is the perfect partner to Earth's surging space industries. And Pamela Taber has it all. The 14-year old daughter of one of Mars' most powerful men, Pam enjoys a pampered life of luxurious travel; unquestioned entitlement; limitless wealth. But when Pam experiences her father's brutal abuse and vicious control, destroying her body and mind, she leaves everything behind to escape him.

With a vibrant and varied Martian society as the backdrop, Pam disappears to its bottom rung. Starting as an iron foundry slag rat, Pam begins to grow into her own person. She moves from place to place, finding hope in new work, new locations, new friends, and a new life. But Pam must still deal with her past, evading her father's relentless efforts to find and kill her. Worse, she faces the growing fear that she is too much like her father.

REDEEMING THE PLUMB is set chronologically at the beginning of the Shards Universe – a series of ten novels, novellas, and dozens of short stories spanning two thousand years. Many of the novels stand as their own story. All the novels have hidden threads that tell a broader story that spans the entire collection; threads that are revealed if the reader chooses to read an other story from the Universe.

"Pete Prellwitz creates immersive, believable worlds with characters who come alive in your imagination." --Gail Z. Martin, Scourge