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The Dreaming Moon

by Peter Wilkins on 2018-03-04

Daniel Hart hated his job, his best friend got on his nerves, and his love life was non-existent. He longed for adventure. After abruptly quitting his job, an online ad caught his eye: Are You Ready for an Adventure? It was perfect. A job that would take him far away from the city he'd grown tired of. An opportunity to start over. Upon receiving a job offer, Daniel was ecstatic. Finally, a chance to get away! But like the saying goes, be careful what you wish for...
Suddenly, Daniel found himself transported to a distant world on the other side of the galaxy: Sarris. A world so advanced, it seemed magical to Daniel. A world without war, hunger, or disease. A world inhabited by a race of humanoids that had escaped the destruction of their homeworld, and who had transcended greed and hatred to create a seeming utopia.
With his beautiful guide, Ayla, Daniel became a willing student on the path to peace. For the first time in his life, he felt happy. But there was one catch: romance between an Earthling and a Sarran was strictly taboo. In spite of this, Daniel couldn't help himself from falling in love. He secretly hoped that Ayla felt the same way. Her masters had made it clear that any relationship with Daniel was forbidden. But the masters had secrets of their own...
The Dreaming Moon is a story of adventure, spiritual awakening, and forbidden love in a futuristic world that held the secret of the Earth's very survival... or its destruction.