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The Gorshin Miracle

by Philip G Booth on 2018-02-01

A vivacious singer, a government minister, a master computer... and God has a plan.

Club singer Audrey Clegg seeks fame. When she is wooed by Cabinet minister Eddie Simon, she spies her chance – but this won’t be easy. Audrey and her family are among the first citizens of Gorshin, a £2 billion social experiment hailed as a blueprint for the future of mankind, where politics and religion are absent and lives are administered by CCTV and a super computer.

Desperate for one night with the alluring Audrey, Eddie sneaks into the new town using a jamming device that makes him invisible to the cameras. Little does he appreciate the chain of events he is setting in motion, events that will ultimately affect man’s destiny and bring Audrey the kind of fame she never envisaged.

Then God himself apparently seizes control – or perhaps it is only sophisticated computer hackers trying to muscle in. Nothing is quite what it seems in this extraordinary Fenland town.

On the surface a teasing satire and humorous family drama, The Gorshin Miracle conveys darker themes including society’s blinkered dependence on technology, the uncertainty of faith in Britain today, and our vulnerability to the twin phenomena of cyber-crime and fake news. It also asks the biggest ‘What if…?’ in history.