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Digital Magic (The Chronicles of Art Book 2)

by Philippa Ballantine on 2018-02-28

Magic has been ripped from the human world… or has it?

The connection with the Fey realm was destroyed over five hundred years ago and with it went mystery and beauty. To fill that hole the mortal world developed cybernetic wonders and digital worlds. Magic is now just a fading memory.
The English village of Penheram is an oasis of the past in a sea of modernity, a place where people go to escape. Ella failing in her writing career, is doing just that, and quite well too, until a shapeshifting thief with a hint of magic around him stumbles into her life.
In far off New Zealand a child full of power grows into a world-changing woman. Her gift though draws out ancient and terrible foes.
The two women’s stories draw closer and closer to a collision. No secret can be kept forever, and magic sometimes finds its own way back.