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Haze (The Telorex Pact Book 2)

by Phoebe Fawkes on 2017-08-13

Vi has finally kicked her ex to the curb. She's done with losers. Been there. Done that.
Burned the t-shirt.

Warrior Haze doesn't have time for his matched mate Vi, no matter what his DNA says. Sure, he wants her. Has to have her.
But his mission comes before everything, even his feisty little mate.

Vi is no man's toy, and Haze wants her to go undercover as his plaything.
But so help her, if he lets her get put on some auction block…

When Vi promises Haze that she’ll kick his ass — him, the greatest fighter the Mahdfel have ever seen — it sends an excited zip through him.

He’s doing his best to play it cool, but she’s distracting him from the mission.

And the harder they fight the attraction, the harder it is not to succumb...