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The Nightshade's Touch: A Paranormal Space Fantasy (Messenger Chronicles Book 3)

by Pippa DaCosta on 2018-09-01

Be careful which star you wish upon...

The unseelie—banished by Oberon long ago—are stirring awake, and there's one name on their poisoned lips: Nightshade.

Kesh is beginning to settle into her role as Halow's messenger, saving people from the fae with the help of Kellee, Talen, Arran and Sota, but if she has any hope of making her wrongs right, she must trust those around her. Without them, there is no Messenger. Friends, lovers, more. But one has a secret. A secret so dark it threatens to change everything Kesh believes in. A secret that could change the fate of Faerie, Halow, and all of humanity.

When the fae abandoned the stars long-ago, they left behind more than fairytales.

They left behind their monsters.


The fae-in-space "mind-blowing" bestselling series continues in The Nightshade's Touch, Messenger Chronicles #3

Authors note: This series is a true reverse harem. The harem develops during the series.

Reader note: The Messenger Series is professionally edited and proofread for your reading enjoyment.

Girl From Above: Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution)

by Pippa DaCosta on

WARNING: 18+ only. Adult content. Including sex, drug use, violence, & swearing.

After Captain Caleb Shepperd escapes from prison, all he wants to do is keep his head down and earn a living smuggling guns and drugs through the nine systems.

When a synth known as #1001 stows away on the captain's ship, bringing with her a ton of problems—including guilt-ridden secrets he thought he’d left behind—he’d prefer to toss her out the airlock. The problem is, she’s priceless tech and he’s fresh out of credit. Selling her to the highest bidder is the next best thing.

But #1001 is no ordinary synth. She's programmed to kill. While human memories of murder and betrayal riddle her synthetic systems with faults, she's thinking only of revenge.

For Caleb, there's nowhere left to hide.

From the bestselling author of the Veil Series comes an action packed story of love, redemption, and revenge.

Pippa DaCosta captures the grit and realism of her urban fantasy stories and injects it—along with some down-and-dirty passion—into the sci-fi genre.

Novel length: Approximately 43,000 words. 177 paperback pages.
Genre: Space opera.

Series Reading Order:

Girl From Above #1 Betrayal
Girl From Above #2 Escape
Girl From Above #3 Trapped
Girl From Above #4 Trust