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My Two Generals at World's End (Superpowers Versus the Apocalypse Chronicles Book 2)

by Priden Queen on 2019-03-11

After securing a safe place for apocalypse survivors, billionaire-turned-General Liam West and wife Sienna “Angel” Carmichael welcome their son Lance into the world. It’s a dangerous place for a newborn, but between Liam’s ability to manipulate space and Sienna’s power to see what others can’t, they forge ahead to create an unparalleled sanctuary.

While their home takes in more people and salvaging grows perilous, Sienna’s dreams take her to a strange new place where she meets an unfamiliar, distant Liam. The dream quickly fades but leaves her with a warning: She must learn to control her ability, or it will become the very thing that dooms her.