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Arriving Soon



by R A BISHOP on 2017-11-03

Recently incarnated onto Venus, a rebellious Angel named Luna is gossip throughout the galaxy. Luna isn’t shy of breaking the universal laws, to put the needs of Earth’s species first. Unlike her Angelic law-abiding family, that snitches on her. Luna is given an ultimatum, an unusual punishment by leader Arch Angel Michael. Become human to teach Professor Starling to teleport, or be banished to hellish Planet Mars.
Our modern world is governed by technology and consumerism, but that is soon to be read from history books. For a new age is lurking in etheric astral shadows and enchanting rainbow tunnels to other worlds.
Earth’s scientific future is hidden inside a human beings DNA, one of mythical experience. In A fairy tale where a man of science meets an angelic female, and they fly hand in hand to evolve the Earth and stop global warming.
The universe’s 1st law “ask and it is given” keeps balance and free will on Planet Earth. But neighbouring planets Venus and Mars are at battle for dominance, and slowly evil demons from Mars have shifted balance and corrupted Earth. Guardian Angels from Venus frequently visit Earth, but can only help if humans first imagine or pray for it.
Venus’ Angels are in harmony, and its nature is pristine colourful and idealistic. But one comical presence that is gossiped throughout the galaxy, is stirring the pot. Yes there is a rebel in the alliance and her name is Luna the spirit of Earth’s Moon. Recently reincarnated onto Venus, she doesn’t fit in with her law-abiding angelic family.
Her life is a performance of exciting swagger, only she can make trees blush, demons cower in fear and play with Angels temperaments. Oh and she isn’t shy of breaking the universal laws, to put the needs of Earth’s species first.
But every action has a consequence. Luna’s punishment is served by leader Arch Angel Michael in a form of a quest, to teach human Professor Starling to teleport. She has an unusual teenage rite of passage to share with you. For the first time she will become, human. Warning you will cringe and you will gasp, you couldn’t expect an alien exhibitionist to live like a human without being recognised.
Is the true reason anarchist Luna dotes like a mother, because of her compassion for Earth? Or does this protagonist have a secret confession? Could she be the one responsible for Earth’s imbalance?
Will she complete the quest? Or will Mars gain complete dominance? Fly and transform through the kaleidoscope worm hole for the future of Earth.

NOTE: Sequel Release December 2017