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Emmie's Gift: Guardians IV

by R Beach on 2017-08-20

She was a pawn… and her life was hanging in the balance in the fight against FI. Future Imperative had one goal and she was standing in the way. Emmie Harlan, employee for the Los Angeles Power and Water Department, is dragged into FI’s newest scheme to put Reghart back in control of the country. She has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes but will be forced to make a life or death decision… to trust them or not.

Everything in her life seems out of control, her family, her boyfriend, her health. And now there’s a sexy government man in her office, Jacob Jennings, asking about the same plans and blueprints her new boyfriend has requested. Who should she trust?

Jacob and his twin brother Jackson Jennings, as Guardian team SX, are sent to investigate the threat uncovered in the LA area and are playing catch up. The FI agent is one step ahead of them and about to get his corrupt hands on the vulnerable information. Guardians race against the clock to save the millions of people who are threatened by his schemes. Emmie and her family caught right in the middle of it. Will they be able to save her? Or are they already too late?

Join the Guardians on their next exciting adventure…