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Pauline A New Home (Christland Book 2)

by R. Frederick Riddle on 2018-08-06

In Death Ship to the Stars 80 Christians ranging from their early teens to their sixties were rounded up and placed on the ship Gardenia. This elegant highly automated research vessel had been converted into a prison ship which in essence was a death ship. But the Christians refused to surrender their faith or give up on life. Banding together in Project Freedom they eventually took over the ship and liberated themselves from Earth and renamed the vessel Guardian One.

For twenty months the PSF Guardian One traveled through space and on October 23, 2110 it entered the Ross 128 System, which was renamed Ro System. Captain Adams had the image of the system brought up on the Big Screen and then broadcast throughout the ship. Soon everyone could see the planets and the Red Dwarf Star they circled.
But the focus was on the planet circling the star every 9.9 days. Its size and approximate relationship to the Red Dwarf reminded everyone of Earth as it circled the Sun. Soon they entered orbit above their new home Pauline.

Meanwhile back on Earth the new Battle Cruiser Clinton was taking shape, but to General Smith’s chagrin the launch date had been set back for a third time to October 15, 2114. Unknown to the government a scientist who’d gotten saved had placed a bug within the ship’s software affecting Warp Drive speed. The ship couldn’t launch until the problem was fixed.

In this second book of the series Christland the drama continues as the Christians seek a new home free of persecution. What kind of planet would they find? Was there life such as vegetation and animal? Could they survive? And how were they to defend themselves when the General finally arrived.

From the moment they land on Pauline they begin creating a new world based on Christian principles and a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ. But they must also prepare for the eventual arrival of their archenemy General Abner Smith and his Special Forces.
Meanwhile the mysterious Miss M is in hiding as her lover Colonel Don Michaels plots to overthrow the Clinton and join the Pauline Christians. His plan to take Miss M, several other women, and his Special Forces team with him puts all at risk. The Secret Police are an ever present danger, but the colonel is determined to succeed.

In his second book of the series Christland author R. Frederick Riddle brings to life a world far removed from Earth yet a world that would be the home for the Christians expelled from their homes on Earth. In this Christian Speculative Fiction genre Mr. Riddle creates a world where Christianity and Science Fiction are brought together in an entertaining way.