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Now Playing on Outworld 5730

by R. T. W. Lipkin on 2018-12-27

Now Playing on Outworld 5730 combines sci-fi, Regency, mystery, romance, and suspense into one thrilling read!

In the 87th century, those who can afford the most elaborate of vacations can spend their riches on an immersive experience, far removed from their everyday lives. Outworld 5730 is home to Hollyhock Manor and this season’s most-talked-about majestic.

Actress Violet Aldrich was planning to land a role in the new hit drama Mirage. Instead, her husband of one week has up and died, leaving her with an Everest of debt and with no place to live. She’s forced to take a job with Jewel Allman’s Regency-era majestic. But even that’s going wrong, since Violet was denied the part she wanted and was cast as a lady’s maid instead. Her lines? Yes, my lord. No, my lady.

Ephraim Croft has had to sell off a large chunk of his Northumberland estate in order to afford the hefty fee required to be the marquess Lord Trevelton at this ridiculous “vacation.” Dressing in nonsensical outfits, socializing with the boring galactic elite, and pretending to be a grandiose lord is hardly Ephraim’s idea of a good time. It’ll all be worth it, though, when he finally gets to confront his onetime closest friend—far away from the constraints of Earth’s laws.

Once Lord Trevelton meets the beautiful Violet Aldrich, though, all his thoughts of revenge are displaced by a wild passion he thought he’d never want to feel again. And even Violet, despite her determination to merely play her role, stick to her lines, and pay back her unexpected debts, gets caught up in this fiery attraction. Soon the upstairs/downstairs couple are the talk of Hollyhock Manor.

But there’s more than just juicy gossip at this year’s Regency-era majestic, as hidden agendas, scandalous romances, and heady intrigue are hiding in every corner of the manor house.

And Violet and Ephraim are destined to get caught up in all of it.

The ensemble cast of abovestairs, belowstairs, and pangalactic characters in Now Playing on Outworld 5730 create a unique reading experience that lovers of Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and the sci-fi novels of Connie Willis and Isaac Asimov are sure to enjoy. Start reading right now!

Oasis: Origin Phase Cycle Book 3

by R. T. W. Lipkin on 2018-01-03

Some promises must be broken . . .


She’s the last scribe on earth. Devoted to her work . . . and to the ancient promise that binds her to her future husband.


He’s a charismatic stage actor. A robot bound by the strict rules that his craft demands . . . until he meets the scribe. Their desire ignites a fiery passion that burns through every promise, every obligation.


But when a theatergoer is murdered and a robot is accused of the crime, the hard-won rights of robots everywhere are suddenly on the line.

This isn’t a play anymore. This is life.