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Cyber Encounter: Keanu Reeves type remembers an old flame (Cyber Encouter Book 1)

by R.J. Lucas on 2017-12-18

Our hero Edwin starts a dating profile one lonely drunken night only to find himself entangled in his old pleasures...This is just a short first chapter with more in the series to come with popularity. If you like tall, dark, and lanky or ARE tall,dark, and lanky with a penchant for petit curvy women this one is for you.
[Below is an excerpt]
Edwin smashed the keys and the keyboard groaned like an organ. He was drunk, he’d been drinking single malt whiskey for the past two hours trying to forget about Christmas (it was Christmas Eve) and how much he hated his mother. That’s enough, Edwin thought, enough you’ve had your moment. Edwin picked himself off his cheap white IKEA stool and dragged his 6 foot 2 inch lanky frame to the tap in his mini kitchen--if you could even call it that. His one-bedroom apartment was pretty small--he was lucky it had high ceilings to accommodate for his height. Still, Edwin could reach his main room ceiling-fan with so much ease that he was practically eye level with the bulb. The tap squeaked as his turned the knob off. Edwin dropped back the glass of water like a shot. He filled another glass as he reached for some aspirin, he was getting too old for this shit—he was 33, single, and lonely.