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Man Her Station: A Reverse Harem Sci-Fi Romance (Celeste Saga Book 1)

by R.M. Kelly on 2018-09-26

On board a station deep in space a newly assigned engineer discovers the pleasure of an 80% male population.

Durn has just stepped on board The Celeste and has already found 3 of the hottest, biggest men she's ever seen. In this far reach of space she's their wildest dream come true and all 3 are willing to show her why The Celeste is the steamiest posting anywhere in the Federation.

Captain Frain has infamous alien blood coursing through his body and Durn can't wait to find out just how enthralling his vibrating nature is.

Burt may be arrogant and pushy but his way with women only seems to accelerate around the curvy new crew member.

Kyodai hides a secret that Clara Durn is only too happy to unwrap as she plays a game only deep space offers: how many screams does it take before they can hear you in space.