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Sun Gaze: Sun Catcher Book Three

by R.M. Vallance on 2019-02-22

She survived the death of her parents, the end of the modern world, and a journey across the eastern coast searching for answers to help her survive the Gold. Now she faces the return to normalcy, the bittersweet return to life in a small town that clings to life as it was Before.
Join Beatrice and Collin as they prepare for their future, struggle with the bitter truths of survival, and battle with the murky mess of their pasts.

I watched the modern world vanish into puddles of melted ruins as the Sun Wave swept across the Earth. I wish that had been the end, I would have happily built a life with the few survivors on my island paradise. But instead I was chosen, cursed, touched by the Wave, forever changed into a whatever it is I am now.
Instead, I found a wondrous new home, an old friend, a new reason to hope for a sunny future; I found life with Collin. I don't know what will become of me, but I know there isn't anyone left to ask. I need to accept that the question and the answer remains the same: the Gold brought me here.
The Wilds of this world are filled with darkness, I've felt the unimaginable horrors of the remnants of humanity, and I'm afraid they are encroaching on the town of Eleos. It will take an act of mercy, an act of bravery, an act of sacrifice to survive, but I am determined to be a harbinger of light.

**Reviews of Sun Catcher Series**

'Magical, an enjoyable bit of darkness.' -C. J.

'Not your typical apocalyptic story...infused with hope.' L.P.

'My only question is when will the next book come out?!' Kim T.

'Can't wait to see what she writes next.' M.S.