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Arriving Soon


Taken by Them (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel)

by Rachel Blinkman on 2018-06-06

Anna thought her dull life would never change for the better. Working in a bookstore, struggling to pay her bills and never even having a moment to think about men or romance!

That is… until one day when ROMAN walks into her shop. He came in looking for an extremely rare book, but when he saw Anna, his desires quickly changed.

The mysterious, irresistible man tells Anna that he wishes to take her away with him – back to his homeland in a parallel dimension – and, quite naturally, Anna thinks he might be more than a little bit crazy!

However, after accepting his offer… Anna finds herself whisked away to a place where she will experience more pleasure and passion than she ever thought possible! Especially when she finds out that Roman is not the only man waiting for her to arrive…