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Star Splitter Book 3: Book 3

by Rachel E Rice on 2018-01-05

This is a space adventure with romance and love between Aliens, humans, and humanoids of the Star Splitter.
All Max wants is to be reunited with Jessie. He knows now that he is in love with her an Artificial Intelligence more lifelike, more human than any woman he has met on Earth.
All Jessie wants is to be a human and have the love she deserves.
All Lanus the King of Ovid wants is to reach his human female mate Daniella, his Queen, before she is sold to slavers.
Max, Lanus, and Captain Dorian are stuck on planets far from the females they love and they are fighting to reach them before anyone else does.
With a wide universe and many distant planets that hold dangers of unforeseen consequences, will they be united with their love ones who could be sent into the galaxy where they will never be able to reach them in a hundred years?

Star Splitter : Book 2

by Rachel E Rice on 2017-12-05

Alien Romance for Matured Adults 18 and over

When Max signed up to the Star Splitter he didn’t expect to be marooned on a small shuttle with a woman as his commanding officer who was cold and indifferent and more beautiful than any woman alive. 

Sent on a mission by the Captain of the Star Splitter, the man she loves, Jessie didn’t expect to find another handsome and impossible single focused man whom she found herself falling in love with.

Maybe it was the four years they spent together side by side on a small space craft which brought them into each other’s arms.

Maybe it was the harsh planets they set down on where they had to fight to stay alive that brought them closer to each other.

But will Max turn away from Jessie when he discovers her secret?