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Betrayed: A Vampire Romance (A Beautiful Monster Book 2)

by Randi Ryder on 2018-06-13

Betrayed is the second novel in the series A Beautiful Monster and relates the obstacles Alexander and Anne will have to face if they want to be together. From merciless enemies, to their own demons, will they come out victorious or will they be broken apart?

Anne comes to face fear itself. Stuck in a place where she can’t run or fight, she is offered two choices and has been given a 48-hour deadline to make a decision, before her captors make it for her.

There’s no time to lose. Every second counts. Fighting against his own mind and time itself, Alexander plunges deep into his past to find answers. Only he can find where they have taken Anne. Only he can save her.

Caught in a battle against his unearthed past and his uncertain future, Alexander will have to face many of his demons if he wants to save her. With the help of an old friend he is willing to sacrifice everything to find Anne. He will stop at nothing to rescue her from the grasp of the vicious enemy clan that took her from him.

With bravery as his only ally, Alexander will fight at the risk of his own life. It’s a road paved with pitfalls, betrayal, love, and hate.
WARNING- Adult content.