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The (UN)Known!: Is eternity a myth?

by Ravi Ranjan on 2017-11-07

When Myra, a teenage girl, walks the deserted street at this new place she had recently shifted to, she feels that a dark whirl is following her. She is a prodigy but she often questions her ability to distinguish between reality and her imagination.

While she remains unsure of what she had encountered, she meets this guy named Albert, and she feels that she has known him. Her mansion is famous as Vortex-House because somebody disappeared there. And Myra often dreams that she is falling into an infinite abyss of darkness but she sees her smiling.

Who is Albert? Why does Myra feel that she knows him? Why can’t she differentiate between what’s real and what’s not? Why does she see her smile when she is falling into a bottomless pit?
What’s the truth of the dark whirl? Is eternity a myth?