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Zylan Rebellion (Zylar's Moons Book 3)

by Ravyn Wilde on 2017-08-31

A madman is kidnapping women and selling them into sexual slavery. And Ahnika is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Forced to endure hardships and to witness things no one should have to endure, she finally decides she can’t take it any more and comes up with a daring plan. Two life cycles after she’d been captured—and just before she is to be sold at auction—she escapes.
Raj is Vampen, fated to feed his psychic powers from women. Which presents a problem, as he is also a Hunter hired to find the missing daughter of one of Zylar’s Council of Ten. Maintaining his energy is difficult as he tracks Ahnika into the wilds of Zylar. It doesn’t take long for him to discern that nothing is quite as it seems. Raj finally finds Ahnika and vows to lead her to safety. And finds more than he bargained for…

Selven Refuge (Zylar's Moons Book 2)

by Ravyn Wilde on 2017-07-21

In the first book in the Zylar's Moons Series (Zylan Captive), the Earthling Nyssa started a revolution on this male chauvinist planet. In SELVEN REFUGE women now realize they have the power to control…certain aspects…of their lives. Tala wants nothing to do with men, she is opting out of the mating pool. Mica can’t let her do that.

As the High Priest of Zylar, Mica knows Tala is destined to be his mate. He waited to call the chains from her body and claim her as his, until he felt she was ready. Now he has waited too long…

Tala doesn't want a mate. Unless, maybe if it were Mica... But the all-powerful man would have claimed her long before now if she were his link mate. Convinced she can make no other choice, Tala leaves to take vows with the Selven Goddesses. The links will be permanently removed from her body…and no man will be allowed to claim her. Not even Mica!

Now that Mica is determined to claim Tala, events keep him from her side. The planet Zylar is reeling from the first steps of a feminist revolution, and his brother is dying from an unknown cause. Mica is forced to make a choice—let Tala go, or let his brother die...

This book contains adult themes and situations, it is intended for those 21 and up!