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To Mars: For all those who do not similar to on all

by Rayan Riener on 2017-08-30

I wanted to to write something that would be impregnated freedom, love of nature and humanity. But more than that, about the the LGBT community. For LGBT fiction is not so much, so I decided to. It seems nothing like no one has ever written. On Mars - a planet where live predominantly LGBT people on equal terms with everyone. The place where a thriving creative expression, culture and science. The place where society overcame death (or incredibly prolong the life).

No, I did not want to write about the Utopia. I just described a place that almost is deprived aggression and hatred. Imagine a society where 80% of the population are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer. The whole LGBT nation! Where gender stereotypes have long outlived their usefulness and each express in their own way, not looking at her sex, orientation, age, origin and race. Where is the most important value, it is not imaginary targets states and politicians, but nature and man.

The place where created new traditions based on love of man and nature. The place where there are no wars, where life is imposed, and not destroyed. A place where everyone, using supernovae technology - can have a child... love, emotion, hatred, sex and new knowledge - everything is in the book. All this is a provocative "To Mars."

The book is written primarily for Ukrainian and Ukrainian Diaspora who are interested not only LGBT themes of the book, but sci-fi direction book, cyberpunk, colonization of the planets - namely Mars. His prospects for a future free territory. "America" solar scale, so to speak. Glory Mars!