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Arriving Soon


The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Reza

by Rayne Forrest on 2018-03-29

The trilogy concludes as one woman changes the destiny of two worlds.
Reza Breen holds the key to unlock the secret to her people's exile on the little planet of Colony. The very name of the people, Yahto, means exile. Or does it? Reza, a healer, has fought to save the Yahto from a plague of unknown origin. When an act of bravery makes her an outcast with an impossible future, she runs headlong into a sexy brick wall named Mick Coulter.

Michael ‘Mick’ Coulter built his career as a crack trouble-shooter. Assigned as the first officer of the Rea Cheveyo, Mick is in the niche he wants to fill until his military career ends in a few short years. Then he's promoted to captain. His first assignment—protect a beautiful, stubborn outcast bent on courting danger.

Getting command of the Rea Cheveyo is something Mick never expected.

Neither is Reza Breen.

The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Talyss

by Rayne Forrest on 2018-03-26

A 2007 EPPIE finalist
Book 2

Talyss of Warlonah had a definite plan for her life. One look at Heath Douglas and everything changed. He thinks she’s a smuggler and her only option to safeguard the truth is to avoid him, but Heath follows her every move.

Captain Heath Douglas of the Rea Cheveyo has always had a curiosity about the feline-like Sheadonn. Spotting the Warlonah’s Glory far off the shipping lanes, he’s immediately caught in a cat and mouse game with that ship’s captain, the beautiful Talyss.

Matching wits, Talyss and Heath dance around the truth of her activities. Matched physically, they explore their passions. Talyss has the right to take Heath as her lover but there is one truth she cannot escape. As a daughter of Warlonah she must produce an heir—and one without human blood.


Talyss could do nothing but watch as Heath picked up his drink and carried it to her booth, sliding in across from her. He motioned to the server, and then looked at her.

“Please, order what you like. I owe you that much.”

“You owe me more,” she replied.

“Doubtless you are correct. But let’s start with whatever you’re having to eat.”

“Now you turn agreeable. Did Colonel Dayshaun order you to make friends?”

“No. He suggested I avoid you.” It was a candid admission, and true.

“As captain of the Rea, you should take his advice.”

“I will, for the most part. If he’s satisfied with your manifest and log, I will be, too.”

“The cargo in my holds matches my manifest,” she said flatly.

His face underwent a subtle change. Him being human, she wasn’t sure what it meant.

“I’m sure it does. Now.”

“You would taunt me?” She made a show of examining her deadly nails.

“No, I wouldn’t try that.” He turned his attention to Atticus, who had finally meandered over to their table. “The lady will order now. Please charge it to my account.”

Atticus nodded and looked expectantly at Talyss.

“What’s the most expensive item on your menu?” she asked, holding Heath’s gaze.

Atticus didn’t miss a beat. “Steak, imported from Terra. Sorry, but we’re out of it right now. The special today is soosha with your choice of any of our rice dishes.”

Heath grinned at her. “It’s good. Tastes like Terran pheasant.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Should I be impressed that you’ve tasted Sheadonnyan food? I’m not.”

“One special, Atticus, with ubbar rice. And lemonade for the lady.”

Her annoyance level increased. “I’d like Deneb Delight, please,” she said to Atticus.

The barkeep just nodded and headed for his kitchen. Talyss focused her full attention on the tall male quietly watching her.

“What do you really want, Douglas? They gave you that fancy ship, and now you think you can control whomever you wish?”

“Control is a very subjective thing,” he replied, his voice level. “I really want to know what you were doing out in the middle of nowhere between Adonica and Jericho Bruis.”

“I told you!”

“And I don’t believe you.” He sipped his tea. “I think you’re the smuggler.”

The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Kiana: Kiana

by Rayne Forrest on 2018-03-23

Captain Ian Logan of Terra commands one of the most powerful starships ever built, the Rea Cheveyo. As the captain of the flagship of the League of Aligned Worlds, Ian has the authority and the latitude to get things done. When the Adonican mystic, Kiana ni Jamallan, maneuvers her way onto his ship, Ian is caught in her spell.

Kiana knows her superiors are corrupt. She needs Ian’s help to get the proof. When the crew of ship vanishes without a trace, Kiana and Ian race against time to uncover the truth behind the ghost ship - a truth that threatens to separate them forever behind Adonica’s wall of secrecy.

Knowing Ian, or any offworlder, is against everything Kiana has been taught. She has a destiny, one she must fulfill, and it doesn’t include taking a human lover. But rules are made to be broken. Kiana won’t walk away from Ian, and the passion found in his arms. Stepping into her destiny is both her freedom, and the only way back to Ian.