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The girl from our Moon: Oscillation

by Rebecca Anne Bishop on 2017-12-27

This is the sequel to girl from our moon: Entanglement, advised not to read before.

Arch Angel Luna returns to Venus to prepare her angelic family for the war on Earth against Mars. A unicorn and faerie friends welcome her back, but rumour has it Starling has betrayed Earth. With a price on DMT, pollution and global warming is no closer to being resolved.

Earth has bigger worries, Climostat Eliminate is harming thousands of innocents and plans to kill more. At the most vital time, Michael mysteriously disappears, leaving Luna and the other Arch Angels to take charge.

Can Luna and Starling forgive, and fall in love again? So they can discover the purpose to brain waves, to change the future of Earth. Or will Starling finally give Lucifer what he wants? Luna's Moon powers.

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