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Drawn to Her Warriors: (Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance)

by Rebecca Baelfire on 2017-10-14

Curvy sci fi romance author Rayne Kincade can’t escape her reoccurring nightmares. The visions of death and destruction feel so real they even disrupt her waking hours. Living an isolated existence in a ratty New York apartment, she’s the last person who should be captivated by a vision of an exploding alien spacecraft. She knows aliens aren’t real.

Then a delivery mistake introduces her to her mysterious, sexy neighbors. Physical contact with others brings her nothing but pain, which puts love and romance out of reach. But these men throw Rayne’s world upside down. Who are they, and why does she feel drawn to them?

Reverse Harem serial. Each part should be read in order. The series will be bundled once five installments are out. If you don’t enjoy serials, please wait until the omnibus edition is released.