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How to Survive the Rocky Road Journey of a Sojourner: After the Tribulation

by Rebecca Bounds on 2019-01-26

How to survive the Rocky Road Journey of a Sojourner is a tale of a young lady who is taken to heaven to live and then decides to return to Earth after the tribulation. When she returns to Earth nothing is what was normal before. With the information that she and Ben learn they decide to go to and live on Mars. Mars is the new wild west and where all humans live after the anti-christ decides to take over the Earth. Magdalena is offered the teachers position in the town and finds true love in the desert. Some of the descriptions of New York and the Earth come from dreams and visions that have been pass to the writer from Adonai. Also shows how He provides for us when we ask and it is in His will. Please leave feedback on the book with Amazon.