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Savage Heart: Book One of the Clan Warrior Chronicles

by Rebecca Day on 2018-09-28

The year is 2532. Grace belongs to a small group of mountain dwellers who believe they’re the sole survivors of a plague that swept the earth hundreds of years ago. When she confronts the Elders about a threat to their survival, she is denounced and exiled for blasphemy. Knowing her only hope rests on the existence of other tribes, she heads toward the ruins of the old world.

Raimus is a proud warrior of the Clan, a warlike society that survived the plague and fall of civilization through brute strength and a strict isolation policy. Trained for battle, he was raised in a world where all outsiders are either killed or enslaved.

When these two meet, they’re forced to depend on each other to survive and Raimus finds himself questioning everything he was taught to believe.