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Arriving Soon


Pockets of Deception

by Rebecca McKinnon on 2017-08-30

Rescue, Redemption, & Love

Jessamine's job at the Paris Exhibition should have been a routine robbery. Murdered guards, an empty display, and being captured by the Queen's Agents weren't part of the plan.

To gain her freedom and escape the Agents' torture chamber, Jessamine must obey the royal command to root out a band of traitors. Posing as the niece of a minor lord, Jessamine and her business partner set out to learn which of Britain's lords are trying to overthrow the monarchy.

One of the names at the top of their list is a man Jessamine has known most of her life. A man she left behind when she escaped to London. The only man she's allowed the liberty of kissing her.

Watched by the Agents, Jessamine must discover the truths hidden within the many pockets of deception.