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Omega on Deck: The Complete Series: An MM Mpreg Omega Alpha Romance

by Reese Corgan on 2018-10-25

A muscular alpha and a cautious omega discover one another under rare circumstances… and the outcome will change their lives forever.

Benson has everything he’s ever wanted—except for a mate. As one of the most powerful and wealthy alphas in the world, all of the betas throw themselves at him. Yet, no one keeps Benson’s attention like Oliver, a young, sweet omega. Oliver reluctantly finds himself of Benson’s massive yacht and like the waves crashing on the boat, their romance starts full of turmoil. Benson is tough and broody while Oliver is sweet and shy. Their match seems unlikely, but as time goes on, their desires grow to heated levels.

Now Benson is faced with the choice: keep his omega or keep is fortune. As the impossible decision comes to a head, Oliver goes into heat, and now they have much more to worry about.

Omega on Deck is an MM Mpreg romance. This is a collection of all 3 books in the series. The story concludes with a satisfying HEA for both men.