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Planet Feeders

by Regina Lambear on 2018-08-29

Please note: This sci-fi romance contains explicit text and sexual situations.

Deep in the farthest reaches of space exists a small group of elite ships that maintain control over the intergalactic order of all humanoid species. These planet-sized spaceships are known to all as The Ultimate Fleet.

After a series of planets are destroyed, Deirdre, the First Captain of the Ultimate Fleet, and her crew scramble to find the culprits. But Deirdre and her cyborg assistant become distracted when they learn that having children has become trendy for the captains of Ultimate Ships. Deirdre's instincts and curiosity get the best of her, and the couple's advanced bodies are forced to regress to those similar of First Earth's.

Will Deirdre and her bionic companion lose themselves in a frenzy of new found love and sink their Ultimate Ship in the process? Or will they manage to have it all despite their regressions?

~12,000-word novelette. HEA / HFN ending guaranteed. Typical themes include artificial intelligence, alien / cyborg / robot companions, exploration, mild bimbofication, and pregnancy.

King of Red

by Regina Lambear on 2018-04-16

$0.99 SALE for the first 24 hours ONLY. Permanent price of $2.99 after that.

This short story contains sexual situations and explicit text. There is some retro MMORPG strategy, but it doesn't contain stats nor other typical litRPG elements.

After the U.S. copyright office approves an exemption for abandoned online games, Glen discovers that his favorite adult MMO from twenty years before has been revived by a gaming enthusiast on a private server. Although he's excited that his favorite game is back online, he worries that his enemies will be coming for him to claim his rare items. In a world where permadeath rules, maintaining one's army and house is everything and Glen knows that he doesn't have a minute to spare.

He logs in and sees that his castle is still on the north sea cliffs where he left it, but his army is gone. Being the highest ranking player in the game, Glen worries that he'll quickly become a target and begins making preparations to defend his house. Other players soon catch wind that Althasia is back online and Glen's soon finds his castle under attack!

A series of strange in-game events lead Glen to realize that something is awry in the game of Althasia. Will he rebuild his army and save the castle that he spent almost a year of his life building? Or will he find himself defeated and leaving the land of Althasia for good upon permadeath?