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Alien Deceptions (Alien Artifice Book 1)

by Regina Paul on 2019-03-31

She lost everything that mattered to her when they left her naked on the side of a lonely rural road.

Angel Whitedove is an alien abductee and researcher who has been kidnapped since she was a small child and subjected to horrific medical experiments at the hands of her alien captors. All she wants to do is make the nightmare stop for herself and her fellow abductees. When a tall dark stranger shows up when Angel is supposed to meet a fellow abductee, she pegs him as a federal agent, but he is something far more dangerous to her.

Darek of Laren has one objective, to find the criminal Laen and return him to Laren for trial. He is convinced that his planet's non-interference laws are just and fair, and the only way to keep their planet pure and other alien cultures uncontaminated with technology they are not ready for. But then he meets Laen's half-blood daughter Angel and discovers an ancient enemy of Laren is hunting on Earth, and Angel is at the center of the controversy.

Will Darek convince Angel that he is willing to not only love her but to do whatever it takes to save her, or will their mutual enemies get to Angel first?